Clinical Reflexologist and Aromatherapist specializing in the treatment of pain

Nature always intrigued Lorraine. She has always been interested in why we feel uplifted when we go for a stroll in the countryside and why certain plants have particular properties which help us feel better.

There are various types of complementary therapies based on this vital force, Aromatherapy is the one which fascinated her the most.

This led her to research further and she achieved a diploma in Aromatherapy in 2016. She never looked back and started helping her loved ones through Aromatherapy. It was very heartening for her to see them benefit from this precious holistic therapy.

Having experienced Reflexology herself, she realised that it would be a great tool to work with together with her oils. So, in the following year she studied further and achieved a diploma in Reflexology and advanced Aromatherapy. Reflexology became the centre stage in her treatments and she is constantly developing professionally by following courses in different topics such as pain, auto-immune diseases and pregnancy and birth.  Through this she is achieving great results when treating clients.


She is also one of the Azure Butterflies Project volunteers where she gives reflexology massages to patients in palliative care.